The David Howe Prize

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    2015年,宁波松科磁材有限公司在谢菲尔德大学电子与电气工程系,以David Howe教授的名字设立了松科奖学金——The David Howe Prize,帮助优秀学生开展学术研究以及个人发展,为高端设备技术及人才的交流提供良好的平台。




Professor David Howe


David joined the Department of Electronic and ElectricalEngineering at the University of Sheffield in 1978 as Lecturer, and went on tobecome a Professor in 1989. On his retirement in 2008, he assumed the title ofEmeritus Professor.


A pioneer in developing innovative permanent magnetmachines, Professor Howe’s great passion was for research into electricalmachines and he established a strong and enduring research group in electricalmachines and drives.


David was Head of Electrical Machines and Drives ResearchGroup at the University of Sheffield from 1989-2008. He founded, and was thefirst Director of, the University’s Rolls-Royce Technology Centre in AdvancedElectrical Machines and Drives, and co-founder of two university spin-offcompanies: Magtec Ltd (previously Magnet Systems Technology) in 1993 andMagnomatics Ltd in 2006.


An enthusiastic speaker and an active conferenceparticipant and organiser, David notably authored and co-authored over 800journal and conference papers. He made a valued contribution to his professionby acting as chair/co-chair, and member, of many international conferencecommittees including IET and IEEE events.


In 2003, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy ofEngineering. In 2012, his contributions to magnetics were recognised by the UKMagnetics Society with the Lifetime Contribution to Magnetics award.


David is remembered as an outgoing, sociable man with awide circle of friends all over the world. His outlook on opportunity andcollaboration, as well as his resourceful nature, played a major part in hissuccessful career. He was very supportive of his fellow colleagues’ achievementsand careers, and was held in high regard by them. Many past students andpresent staff owe their successful careers to his teaching, encouragement andmentoring.